Ferroalloys are transported from our warehouse to recipients in Poland and Europe.

We have an offer of ferroalloys for steelworks and foundries. Our materials are available in various granulations. We adjust the packaging form: big bags, barrels, bags or bulk. Quality certificates are provided to all of supplied commodities.


  • Ferroboron FeB
  • Ferrochromium nitrited FeCrN
  • Ferrochromium low carbon FeCr LC
  • Ferrochromium medium carbon FeCr MC
  • Ferrochromium high carbon FeCr HC
  • Ferrophosphorus FeP
  • Ferrosilicon FeSi
  • Ferrosilicon zirconium FeSiZr
  • Ferro silicomanganese FeSiMn
  • Ferromanganese nitrited FeMnN
  • Ferromanganese high carbon FeMn HC
  • Ferromanganese medum carbon FeMn MC
  • Ferromanganese low carbon FeMn LC
  • Ferro molybdenum FeMo
  • Ferro niobium FeNb
  • Ferro titanium FeTi
  • Ferro vanadium FeV
  • Ferro silicon calcium FeCaSi
  • Ferro tungesten FeW